I’m passionate about sharing my experience and offering tips, tools and real life techniques so that you can live in health, wholeness, vitality, positivity, vibrancy and joy through living fully and embracing a vegan and vibrant lifestyle” 

Carol Fitzgerald

By carol fitzgerald

Whether you are seeking to live a vibrant life or live a life of purpose by GIVING and SERVING, especially when feeling less than and insecure, or simply seeking to eliminate negative self-talk, this book will set you on a path.



My Mission:

 I am here to support people like you, in your own health care advocacy, to serve and make a difference in the lives of others through education and empowerment.

How I Serve:

 I am here as a guide and confidante, to support the journey into your most vibrant life yet. This happens one book, one blog post, one course, one phone call at a time.

Words from Carol: 

I would love to touch your life as this path has touched mine. I want to help you know you can transform your health, your life and your weight. It CAN be done.

Other Books

Embracing Beautiful Moments: Secrets to Enjoying Your Life


You Don’t Have to Be Vegan to Enjoy These Meals: Healthy Eating, Healthy Bodies Through Healthy Scrumptious Foods

Living a Vibrant Life At Any Age: Creating Love, Joy, & Connections in Everyday Moments


Carol captured a lifetime of inspiration and wisdom in a powerful formula for a vibrant life. She masterfully wove depth with practical steps and real-life stories. Anyone at any age or stage in life, can pick up this book and immediately start implementing it to create vibrant success in any area of life.

– Anna Kowalska


Some authors write books to give you advice. Authentic authors – like Fitzgerald – live their lives and share their experiences with the reading world. Living A Vibrant Life is a handbook to guide you to a centered, mindful and fulfilling life every day. Carol shares stories that illustrate the power of her many tips and life hacks.

– Jeanne E. Alford


Carol Fitzgerald masters the art of teaching the most profound concepts in the most simple ways. Living a Vibrant Life at Any Age is a meditation. If you really absorb its teachings, you will find yourself walking around with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. You will feel connected to everyone and everything around you. The truth is always simple, and this book delivers it.

– Kenlyn Kolleen

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