By Carol fitzgerald

Whether you are seeking to live a vibrant life or live a life of purpose by GIVING and SERVING, especially when feeling less than and insecure, or simply seekin to eliminate negative self-talk, this book will set you on a path.

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Carol Fitzgerald


I am passionate about sharing my experience and offering tips, tools and real life techniques so that you can live in health, wholeness, vitality, positivity, vibrancy and joy through living fully and embracing a vegan lifestyle.

I have had a lot of challenges in my life yet didn’t let them define me. One thing I have learned is this: Living in a vibrant way makes your life come more alive. When we are vibrant and alive, we create a ripple effect that helps another person, who then helps another, then another and another. Letting the goodness flow requires each of us to shine our light, requires each of us to make a difference in others, requires all of us to be there in service to others. We have to have inside first before giving to the world outside.

Other Books

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Some authors write books to give you advice. Authentic authors – like Fitzgerald – live their lives and share their experiences with the reading world. Living A Vibrant Life is a handbook to guide you to a centered, mindful and fulfilling life every day. Carol shares stories that illustrate the power of her many tips and life hacks.

-Jeanne E. Alford

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