Living A Vibrant Life At Any Age

Whether you are seeking to live a vibrant life or live a life of purpose by GIVING and SERVING, especially when feeling less than and insecure, or simply seeking to eliminate negative self-talk, this book will set you on a path.


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The Love of Cooking

I’ve always loved to cook and bake. Along with that, I’ve always loved to entertain, as well. After many years of cooking and collecting mouth-watering recipes, I became a vegan rendering many of the recipes, I was so used to cooking, practically obsolete.
NOW what was I going to do? Not only do, but what was I going to cook? And how was I going to entertain?

Well, after several years of trial and error and my friends encouraging me to write a book, here it is. Now, from one who brought you Embracing Beautiful Moments and Portrait of a Child, I have created for you a book about health and wellness including lots of delicious recipes, heartfelt memories, tips and more. Actually, more than a cookbook.

Not only will you enjoy the recipes in this book because they are “down home and delicious foods,” but this is a book that will help you to get healthy and also to lose weight. You will be on the road to reversing your diseases and other health concerns you might have, plus it will help you to get off of your prescription drugs (only with the guidance of your doctor, of course).

Instead, your food will be your medicine. You will have more energy and feel younger than your years. If you are already young, this book will help you to stay young and prevent the health issues that plague our society.

Nature has provided us with a cornucopia of whole foods that when prepared like those within this book are simple and truly healthy. Not only your plates, but also your palates will be bursting with rich and robust colors, flavors and textures.

By helping your own body, you will also be helping the environment because the foods used in this book use far less water and land than are used in raising animals.

For the description and more details about the book watch the video below

Healthy Tips to Propel You to Your Goal

journey to weight loss carol fitzgerald

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10 Easy Vegan No Oil Salad Dressings

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Six Quick and Easy Main Dish Meals

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