I LOVE a traditional vegan tomato bruschetta. My taste buds doing their thing, I’ve ordered bruschetta in restaurants only to be very disappointed. Now my tastebuds have to go wandering around looking for something else satisfying. Some restaurants try to get fancy and change it all up, but to me it’s just not the same.

If it works, as the saying goes, don’t fix it. I mean getting creative and changing it up once in awhile is okay. But sometimes you just can’t change tradition and have it work.

I think this is one of the best healthy vegan appetizers, about as traditional as you can get, without the cheese, and still be scrumptious.

It’s very easy to make which makes it a favorite of mine. With all we do in a day, and time crunches abounding, “easy” is good. If you don’t happen to have the traditional French bread, you can use any regular sliced bread. I’ve used Whole Wheat, Eziekiel, Spelt, 12 Grain Bread. Anything works. Whatever bread you have on hand. I just cut each slice into quarters and after toasting, top with the tomato mixture.

It just takes moments to cut up the tomatoes, the basil and the garlic. So it goes together in a real snap.

When you are toasting the bread, before topping with the mixture, watch very carefully so it doesn’t get too toasted. If it does get too crispy, it’s difficult to eat. You take one bite and everything falls apart and you lose most of the delicious-ness of the toppings. And then it becomes a real mess. Hah!

It’s just easier to eat if the bread is cut into squares, as you can nearly pop the entire square into your mouth savoring the goodness of the entire piece. Yum!